Low sex drive–does Burprion/Wellbutrin work?

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I have noticed lately that I have had little to no sex drive at all. I am only 25, and I am sexually active with my boyfriend. However, lately I just have not been interested in sex or anything sexual at all. I know that I have anxiety/depression to a small degree, and my doctor said I could try taking Buprion, the generic Wellbutrin for both depression, and to boost my sex drive. Have any other women tried this? Has it worked?Any other suggestions for a low sex drive? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I really wanted Wellbutrin to work. I heard it also helps with bad habits on top of depression. Unfortunately it made me cry all the time. I thought it was just me but a man on a depression board mentioned it too.I recommend doing a search for depression medication boards. they are very helpful
wellbutrin does not increase sex drive. It is the antidepressant with the least libido suppresion. good luck
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