what if the abortion was not completed?

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what are my rights
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Nada, you are supposed to go for a follow up 2 weeks later, and at that point they tell u if it went well or not.
First of all I believe that you should not have got an abortion in the first place because you have committed MURDER… And to tell you the truth if you were woman enough to accept the fact that you layed down and did a duty that you knew came with possible consequences. Then you would not have had the time to ask this question in the first place….
It depends on why it wasn’t completed. Add details. Did they leave some parts of the pregnancy in the uterus or did they just refuse to do the procedure?
what rights did you give the child you aborted?
It depends on what state you live in. Get in touch with a lawyer. However, if you did not go back for your two-week follow, the clinic is not likely to be liable, since you didn’t give them a chance to complete it.
I think it is a sin to commite abortion and i do not have any room to say it is just people belive diffrent things
Although I am pro-life I dont not see the good it does to sit there and condemn people and insinuate that they were “not woman enough” to handle a child. Have a little sensitivity people and stop showing your asses. This is not the place to voice ones opinion on others decisions. So unless you have some helpful feedback do us a favor and keep quiet. Anyhow if you think there could be a problem I would notify whomever performed it. I hope everything is alright
Are you saying you still have a viable fetus? Or they did an abortion and left a little tissue that needed to be D&C’d out? Talk to another doctor, then to a lawer. I think you really need to provide more details here.
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