Is it possible that both boobs are not the same size?

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is that normal? and what about your niples? Are they supposed to be the same color?
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I had a girl friend that was big and bigger. I used to call them hot and cold.
Slight differences between the breasts is very common, and most women will tell you that one of theirs is bigger than the other. Unless you are describing a difference of a cup size, I wouldn’t worry about it. Same thing with colorization. You can always discuss this with a doctor if it bothers you enough to want to “fix them.”
both boobs are never the same size, i think color is usually closer but we noticed last night on one of our porn videos that this girl had one huge nipple and one small one. as many times as ive seen that vid, i never noticed that before.
they are not and no not always, our left and right halves of our bodies are not identical to each other
yes your right, and one hand is bigger then the other and foot to.and for men one ball is bigger then the other.c/ya
most boobies are not the same size. i’ve never heard of diff color nippies. i’m ma check my gf real quick, haha.
It is very common for both breast to be slightly different in size. Also the pigmentation of the skin on the nipple and area around it may be slightly different. Look at your ears, are they exactly the same? Not likely. But close enough i am sure.
yes they can be different sizes. yes they could be different how much different if alot diffrent then maybe no but if not that much then probably it is normal.
not everyone’s boobs are going to be the exact same pair. it is possible that one boob can be bigger or smaller than the other. the nipples can be different too.but, to be sure you can always schedule a check up with your doctor just to go over your body. your doctor may be able to help you discover your body in a way youve never seen it. your doctor can also give you tips on how to look for abnormal feelings on your body esp. around your breast.
No. Your fine. A lot of people are like that.
I have been told that one is always a little bigger than the other, kinda like your feet. But as far as nipple color I do not know. Are you worried it might be a health realated problem?
Yes, and it is to be expected. Nothing on the human body that we have two of is exactly the same.
both are not equal similar to fingers
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