Sore and Painfull?

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Alright, this is alittle eehhh… I probably just had the biggest uhum. male unit in my life 10 1/2 inches by 2 inches wide. my goodness! I’m so sore 2 days later and have a little itching, we used protection but i think its from the foreplay (ya know what i mean!) I’m seeing him tonight, is there something fast i can do to reduce the soreness and swelling?
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You may have developed a yeast infection caused by contact with saliva, it’s quite common. Try one of the over the counter remedies, but it won’t clear up in a few hours, maybe you should simply not have sex until you fully (or empty) recover.
ouch girl:) good for you! im sue he will make you forget all about it tonight. but you can try any vaginal anti itch cream that you can get from the store.
just soak in warm water or let me go in your place. ha! ha!
Ladies, will someone pleeasse say that size doesn’t matter! LOL!
No lol – but when you do it again tonight you will once again take it and feel good about it then tomorrow you will be complaining again – (laughing cause i’ve been there) suck it up babe and enjoy the er. rideif it keeps up (the itching especially) see the DR
you could use vasoline so it does’nt hurt that bad,, and for the itch get some vagasil at the drug store.. glad you are able to still walk; thats alot to handle…
nothing to reduce swelling or soreness. use lots of lubricant tonight and lots of foreplay so that your vagina is physically to ready to accept such a big unit. Oh My 10 inches? My boyfriend is only around 7.2in and i thought he was huge.anyhow heres some tips for the both of you on foreplay.
rub coconut oil .
good for you girl! soak in a warm bath before you go out tonight, hopefully that will help with the redness and swelling. If you continue to itch you may want to check with your doc. Sometimes if a “session” has gone on for quite a while we girls have a tendency to get a little dry, this can cause small tears and can cause a yeast infection. Have fun and enjoy!
Wow. That was an awesome one! With one that huge, it doen’t take a rocket scientist to understand why you experienced the sore. It’s just that something huge entered. I think it might be a good idea to use some lubricant for both of you and have plenty of foreplay. Tell him to be gentle and do it slowly.Perhaps it’s too soon to have it again with him. Let the sore heal first, or else you might feel more sore.
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