I need to be horny!!?

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Hi, I need serious advise, as I am kind’a bored with sex, and I dont want to be like this. I see girls everywhere wishing they have a c**k, and I am married, and my hb always wants, and I do like it, but, honestly, I rather be doing something else. I wish I can be like these girls that they always want.. and do it, and are always HOT. Is there some natural medicines, ginseng, dont know. Thanks! 🙂
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oh yeah, eating garlic will make men want you ! if you do what the other guy said and eat raw garlic, you will REEK!!No man, not even your hubby will want to go near you!! LOL!! eat raw garlic WHAT A JOKE!You get the exact kind of advice you pay for here. on youqa.com!Garlic will NOT make you horny. there is no known aphrodisiac for women other than that new pill which is coming soon to a pharmacy near you!!good luck.tom
A few questions: Are you tired? Does your husband help you out with the kids? Are you stressed? Depressed? How old are you? Perimenopause can screw with hormones as early as the thirties. All of these things can play a part in your sexual desire or lack thereof. Another question: is this normal for you or have you noticed a decrease in desire over the years?Before you try any possible pill remedies, try being a little creative. Think back to your last totally hot fantasy. What were you doing? Where were you doing it? Who were you doing it with (favorite singer or movie star? Mysterious lover?)? We all daydream and not necessarily about the loves of our lives. Indulge in these fantasies whenever they start creeping in. Is there a theme to your fantasies? Are you fantasizing being tied up and sensually teased til you orgasm or are you the naughty siren trying to seduce an uptight fellow? Clue in on the favorite parts of your fantasies. Share the especially hot fantasies with your husband when you’re in bed cuddling. Have your husband share his fantasies. Try roleplaying. Pirate and damsel in distress is one of my favorites. Watch porn with the husband, read short erotic stories to one another or find a copy of the CD “Aural Seductions” by Fetish Diva Midori and listen to it together or alone. Alone time is important. Get in touch (literally and figuratively) with yourself and relearn what you enjoy. Go out and buy sexy lingerie or something you can wear for yourself. Learn to feel sexy to you.you need to come first! You may find that ordering your husband to go down on you and telling him where to touch will not only excite him, but also you. Buy a couple good vibrators and use them on each other. Good luck!
I think your question is about where to get aphrodisiacs, then you need to go to:-http://www.female-aphrodisiac-info.com/As for your sex life, well, the best solution is to try different things. Some variations of foreplay, positioning, toys. Even just leaving it alone for a while and then coming back to it.
About 4 weeks ago I had a discussion with my physical therapist. He said that my complaints sounded just like the complaints his wife had. He suggested that I research vitamin B6 and B12. As it turns out, the B complex is essential to maintaining good health. Vitamin B helps with the following: 1. Low libido 2. Memory Loss / forgetfulness 3. Hair loss 4. Fatigue 5. Muscle Tone 6. Heart problems 7. Tingling in hands and feet 8. and the list goes on.I bought a high potency B-100 Complex and within a week my libido was on the rise. I could once again remember where I had parked my car when I went to the super market. And the tingling in my hands diminished. The B-100 did not solve my hair loss. but I guess 3 out of 4 is not bad.I still have some of my complaints, but the B-100 complex sure fixed my libido problem. Even my husband noticed my response to him. The first night, he said that I had been sending sex signals to him all night long and that my response to him was.In addition, we are having sex more frequently than in the recent past.Vitamin B’s are not expensive. It won’t hurt to give them a try. They are water soluble. However, I encourage you to do your research. I did. References:1. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Second Addition, James Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_B6 Eat raw garlic for your ailment. A healthy diet will also help.
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