Has any other women had the skin trimmed off around the clitoris?

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I enjoy sex but have to hold back hard on my pubis so that the skin is off my clitoris. How common is it for a woman to get this little hood trimmed up so that the clitoris gets more stimulation? My boyfriend is circumcised and says that a clitoris is like a penis head so if he reaps benifit from the head always being out can we women benifit from this as well?
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Holding back the hood should be a part of the pleasure process. It is for me and my man. It’s kind of like unwrapping a present. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t mess with that, it might affect the sensitivity in a negative way and then where will you be?
Your boyfriend is at best misinformed on both counts.
First of all the circumcised penis is less sensitive than the uncircumcised is. With the foreskin removed the tender skin of the head of the penis becomes thicker and less sensitive as a means to protect it. The foreskin also has tiny ridges that help to stimulate the head of the penis during sexual intercourse as it slips back and forth. Uncircumcised men have a more violent movement than circumcised men do as they have more sensitivity and stimulation. The same is true of the clitoris since if the person were to develop into a male this clitoris and its hood would actually develop into the penis and foreskin. All this to say the foreskin and clitoral hood should be left intact for the best sexual sensitivity for both. Meantime is this boyfriend like what maybe all of 16 and soooo very knowledgeable or what?
I have to admit (my face is hidden).I have heard that somewhere before. Talkshow.friend.health chanel.Dr. Ruth? Can’t remember where I heard it before..but I really did. LESBIAN
NOW, Ive heard everything!
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