Is 15 to young of an age to have a baby?

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My daughter is 15 and she is pregnant and i had her when i was 13 do you think that is too young?
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um yeah! thats horrible. and now you cant even really yell at her about this because you did the same thing at an even younger age! you guys are both irresponsible. like mother like daughter i guess?
Physically she is ready to have a baby. Most people are going to tell you that it’s way too young. In America, that’s the case. In our standards, 15 is too young. But, take a look at other cultures around the world. As long as you’re going to be there for her and help her in every way you can she can do it! She better GET ready to be a mommy and you’d better get ready to be a Gramma. Best wishes to you and your family.
you really have a messed up life don’t you?
yes i do, i don’t think its wrong ( i am one myself) but usually young mothers don´t get the chance to go to college because of their financial difficulty.
Physically, no its not too young. But I don’t think that’s the question you should be asking.
irony in your blood line. you had her young and she had hers younger.can’t wait till kid comes.
Life is a beautiful thing.
well her cycle says ready for women hood,but that’s a question u have to asked yourself is she ready mentally motherhood we either mature her or force her to make life decisions
biologically yes.predict your grandchild will have a baby at the age of 11(reduction by a factor of 2 of course)
Well….that depends on the maturity level moreso than her actual age. Of course in today’s society most people are going to say yes she is way too young and in many cases that is probably so. However there are also many 30 year olds that shouldn’t be having babies either.Considering that she is already pregnant I would say that regardless of her age she needs to prepare to be a mommy, because pretty soon she is going to be one. She can still be a good mommy at 15, she just has more to learn.
Yes it is! Physically, the body is too young , not fully mature, and there are potential complications. Emotionally, forget it. I waited to have kids until my late 20’s and I still have horrible mental health days. Kids are difficult, a huge responsibility. If you want healthy children who grow up to contribute to society, you shouldn’t start raising them when you are a teenager.
Yeah, because you still really a kid at that age. Also it can really mess up your body and other junk if your to young and have a baby. You even have a chance to be pregnant if your that young.
I think 15 is young to have a baby. But your daughter is already pregnant. the question is is she ready to make sacrifices to raise the baby or does she want to enjoy her young life. Will she be taking care of the baby or will you have to take care of the baby. A15 year old is more than capable of raising a baby if she is willing to put the baby first and social life second.
It is WAY TOO young!
biologically all the parts are there and working, but dont you tthink its important for her to have a life and experince things before she ties herself down with a child.if you were 13 when you had here surely you can offer her some advice
stop asking the retarted idiotic questions on this site having her at 13? And then she is pregnant at 15? Like mother like daughter!At least support her!
Yes, it’s too young to have a baby at the age of 15 years old.In today’s world, there are so many opportunities for women tofurther advance themselves physically and mentally than givingbirth to babies at a tender young age.They’ll be tied down with their babies and they have no timefor self improvement.Anyway, what’s is done cannot be undone. Take good care ofthe baby.
wow.well yeah it is way too young. I have a friend who is gonna be 17 next Janurary..and she had her daughter when she was 15. Its way too young and changes your life alot from the start. It gives your kids to think that if you had a child at a young age.your kid can. Its not how it works. She needs to knock some sence into her. Tho you may see that it wouldn’t be to is. I am waiting till i turn 18 or 19.maybe 20.Ill be old enough, have the money, the man, and the responsibility to take care of my own children. I want at least 3-4 kids.which isn’t a big deal.i love kids. I just can’t see your daughter having a baby at 15.that is way too young.she needs to grow up more and have that money, and give her body some time to develop before having a kid. She isn’t in love.notice that.its puppy love when you are young. Sorry.but i just want the mom to see the other side of should care about her.and be more strict on her.and be more of a mom than be a friend. I don’t thimk u should let it happen again. What a bad situation for her to get her self into.she doesn’t have the money, the responsibilty , and she is gonna look up to you for the money and you to take care fo her baby for her. You’ll see cuz i am right, i have a point.
15 is still a baby.. my baby sis is 21 but i stil consider her a baby..i guess im not surprised that she’s havin a baby @ a young age..
yes, im 13, and i no that, im sorry, but it’z also a good thing. but still bad
yes 15 is to young for any girl to have a baby. she more than likely is not mentally ready for this, she is just a kid not even half way through her teens. i am pro-life so i say be there for her and i hope you have a healthy grandchild.
Way to young, but what is done is done nothing you can do about it but support her. Good Luck!
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