i normal?

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im almost 14, ive had my period for a little over a year, and im still not used to walking around feeling like my pants are wet.any advice?
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I find pad’s really bothersom and uncomfortable. They are messy, feel gross, and big. Try tampons.
change the pad every couple of hours to stay dry. try always ultra thin with wings.
it will just take time and things like this are normal. or it could be that the pads or tampons you’re using might not be good, so it may help to consider switching brands.
That is not a weird question at all. Tampons are the ideal solution for active girls who play sports and especially swim, and even for other girls they are MUCH more comfortable than pads, they are cleaner than pads, and much more environmentally friendly than pads. Tampons do not hurt, and they are not at all uncomfortable, though sometimes girls are a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of inserting them at first.One way to get past your fear of using a tampon, is to become better acquainted with yourself. Some time when you are not on your period, but before your next period, and when you have some time to be alone, take a few minutes to explore and see what the whole area is about. This is something that is essential for any girl. Get comfortable, use a hand mirror, and with your other hand spread yourself open and look around. It is not dirty, or ugly, or wrong in any way, it is your body, you should know what it is about and how it works. When you are comfortable, slip a finger inside a few inches.Next time you have a period, you will be ready to give a tampon a try, and will have a good idea what sort of experience to expect. It is different, but it is not bad. Honestly a tampon is WAY better than a pad ever was. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it quite right the first few times you try it – it can take a bit of practice. Just keep trying until you get it right. When it is right you won’t be able to feel it at all.Using a tampon with an applicator is easier at first, but I think the OB without the applicator is easier, more comfy to put in, and much better for the environment. You will have to pick for yourself.Which ever one you get, follow the instructions on the box, and do not leave it in for longer than the instructions say is safe. Tampons, a girl’s best friend!!
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