E’s are making me rude! Mum’s or Medical people can you help?

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After eating, especially food with alot of additives in I turn extremely rude. Foods like Ice lollies, puddings, juice and funnily enough Sunday dinner. I turn really rude and offfensive and I think I’m funny but have been told I’m very, very unpleasant. What’s up with me? I’ve seen my niece become hyper with these sort of foods but I’m a 31 year old woman? Please help. People have stopped inviting me to dinner. I do have Epilepsy but haven’t had a fit for 8 years and I know my Epilepsy and would recognise if I was having a fit!
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we can develop allergy’s and bad reactions at any age. IO only got hay fever after my 3rd child was born. so I would suggest you tack it you are allergic to many foods and try and eliminate them from your Diet. either by reducing a bit at a time or cut out every thing and reintroduce slowly to find out what are the problem foods. treat it the same as you would a child with a bad reaction to food colouring well the answer is pretty simple:cut out the Es. always check the list of ingredients b4 buyin anything.healthfood stores r pretty safe but keep checkintake care
I would go back to my doctor who treats for my epilepsy and be re-examined..you may be right that it could be a food additive and if this is the case then I would be finding out what to avoid..I leaning more toward it being something neurologically based..but you need an extensive exam and maybe test to determine what is causing this..good luck I don’t see how sunday dinner is making you act this way.if you don’t want veg, your old enough to say No! (politely).E numbers know no age, they can affect you at any age. If you give my sister in law some cola, she’ll be bouncing around the room and she is 28.
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