How to avoid bipolar before preconception ?

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A friend of mine is married to a lady who is diagnosed as bipolar 2.He is considering to have a child. Doctors say, there is a 100%risk of getting bipolar to his kids, if mother has bipolar. Is there a way he can avoid bipolar in his kids, using any genetic TRICKS. Is that only choice is, to get a Egg Donor and conceive a child ? Please help.
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He and his lady should get checked for high insulin (hyperinsulinemia). It may sound screwy testing for insulin when the problem is brain chemical imbalance, however, insulin is the #1 hormone – because it can affect the production of all the other hormones.If they both test high for insulin (10 or more) then I agree, it will be very likely to be passed to the child. Blood sugar imbalances seem to be a dominant genetic trait. I only know of nutritional tricks that may assist his wife too, as well as start the babe on a lifelong course of controlling any bipolar tendencies.
If he wants to avoid bipolar completely, he should not have children with this woman! There is absolutely nothing you can do about heredity. At least not now. What good would it do to conceive a child with someone elses egg, especially if his wife will be the childs mother? Is she capable of raising a child with her disease? Do you think maybe he’s being a little selfish? I have bipolar II, and it’s nothing that is fatal. It can be managed, especially if the child is raised knowing the possible weakness, and trianed to identify triggers for both depressiona and mania (mostly depression for bipolar II). If they are medicated and are under the care of a doctor, there is no fear of bipolar II.
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