What are your best weight loss tips?

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Hello Everyone!I’m starting an exercise routine based on www.BodyForLife.com & Tony Little’s AB Isolator Workout Video. I plan to keep this going for a 12 week session and then start again.Right now I weigh 179, and I’m 5’7″. I target weight is 130lbs.I will try to post my accomplishments regularly. If you like you can consult my workout calendar for further details.Please submit your exercise tips and your support.
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I’m 5″4′ and 154lb, I want to weigh 138 like I used to, I’m 38.Anyway, I’ve lost 10lb, I go to Curves 3x/wk, drink water, watch white foods(pasta,bread, etc.)and take vitamins.Good luck, it’s the hardest thing in the world to lose weight.
Drink lots of water, and take a teaspoon of apple cider viniger before anything u eat–its taste nasty but it helps break down any fat in what your eating, and u get used to it. Exercise, even walking around the block is a start..
Though you might not like it, to be healthy you should aim for losing 1 pound a week. Some people who lose weight rapidly usually eliminate an important food group. Just keep this in mind- have a balanced meal and exercise right.
The best tip ever: Stick with whatever plan you choose. And drink lots of water.Good luck hun.
Lipodrene,keep [email protected] to burn fat
The zone diet is the only way my husband can lose weight. cut out the white stuff. sugar, pasta, white bread etc. it doesn’t have any nutritional value anyway. Make life style changes and you won’t have to worry about gaining back all the weight you lose.
Bike riding and swimming are great for losing weight. Walking after meals is good too. You can use canned foods around the kitchen for your upper body workout too. Keep active and don’t starve yourself. Eat small meals but more of them. Don’t eat anything with alot of salt or sugar, no fructose or trans fat or too much carbs. Consult a doctor before you start a diet or exercise regimen because he/she knows your health history and family’s hereditary health problems. Best wishes and take care.
I use the treadmill for 50 min. a day. you should cut out breads and pasta for a while.
Billy Blanks “Tae-bo”, walking, running, cleaning, instead of just holding the phone and watching TV(motion your arms up and down or leg lunges, etc) eat in small portions, no fast food. drink water.3500 calories equal a pound so cut your calorie intake by 50 then 100 then 1000.
stop eating.
here are some COOL tips for weight loss:10 tips to maximize your metabolism.http://www.askaquery.com/Answers/qn1601.html7 Things you need to know about losing fathttp://www.askaquery.com/Answers/qn1590.html6 dieting tips to lose weighthttp://www.askaquery.com/Answers/qn1573.html See a physician first and let them help you with the health issues you may have or could have. Take your time in losing the weight, it should not be rushed. Set meetable goals and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet them. Watch you eating habits, maybe keep a journal of everything you eat. But, most of all don’t diet for anyone but yourself and always remember; God did not make any ugly people and He loves you as you are, then you should too. Good Luck
Do exercise or Yoga daily by consulting your Doctor if you are Heart patient. Morning walk atleast 10 to 5 Killo Meters without being talk with anybody will keep you healthy and fit. The loss in weight with medicines will be not keep you healthy any longer. It will divert your health in some cronic condition.
In 1991 I weighed 195, I was in a size 18, I didn’t like my self, so I ate,all the time. When I went to the Dr. I had what they call a small heart attack. Did not feel small to me. Hurt like HELL. I now weigh 125. I did it for me. I will always have to watch my weight. Go to your Dr. He can help you.
Always find a chance to move around. Do not use a vehicle if you are able to walk. Preferably run around if you have the time. Almost 70% of your calories are burned in this process. Instead of depending on magical ways to lose weight, apply your own efforts by eating less and moving more…http://tips-to-lose-weight.blogspot.com/
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