Why did my girlfriends period only last 3 days?

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Last week we had unprotected sex and she was worried that she wouldnt get her period. She end up getting it but instead of it lasting 5-7 days, it only lasted 3 days. This is the first time her period lasted 3 days. She is worried that this could be a sign of pregnancy. What do ya’ll think?
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that may be a sighn of pregnacy that kind of happend to me but mine lasted 2 days insted of 5
My period usually lasts 3-4 days. If she’s worried she should call up the doctor.
no. a womans period lasts different lenghts throughout her life. so its normal to me..
Women body’s changes ever cycle some women do 3-4 or some do 5-7
When a fertilized egg implants in the uterus, then it can cause some bleeding which would look like a period, but not as heavy. It is possible that she could be pregnant. She should take a pregnancy test
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