any 1 got any ideas??

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i found out i have ibs and a belly infection and cant eat any meat or fibre or fat so any ideas what i can eat thank you
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you need to go and see a nutritionist for advice. They will be able to give you a healthy diet that will not effect your ibs.
How about bannanas, vegetables, lentils, pasta, low fat dairy products, porridge, fish, eggs….They say IBS is very closely linked to stress and you should avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks too I believe.Hope you get it sorted – take care of yourself.
I have IBS and can,t eat anything with a lot of fat in it as long as you stay away from anything with loads of fat in then you can eat what ever you like. I still eat pizza,, cheese but do know I will suffer the next day. I can eat chicken as long as its dry roasted, The only thing to do is try things and find out what you can and can’t eat. don’t eat, u’ll die if u can’t eat those, I should know my family is practically a walking medical disaster. I give u about a week. What does ur doctor say?
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