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i have abutton like lump under my nipple. its is preatty sore. my ma tells me its just growing. is that true? if it is could u tell me how to relieve pain?
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a painful lump in ur breast can b something serious..u should go c a doc.not to scare u but dats a symptom of breast old r u?? ur ma said its just growing?? r u a teen whose barely developing?? when i was younger n my breast were growing i dont rememeber having a lump or my breast even hurting. u should go c a doc asap
Sweety, you need to see a doctor! I never experienced that at all and I have fibrocystic (lumps) breasts. Since it is sore I would rule out breast cancer since surprisingly it is rare to have a breast cancer lump that hurts. You may have a cyst. This is normal. It probably will go away by the time you start your period. On the other hand you may have an infection. The doctor is the only one who can tell you for sure. Tell your mom that you dont feel comfortable with it and you want to go to the doctor. Until then, stay away from caffeine because it could add to the pain. Good luck!
That could be symptoms of breast cancer, bet a check up and tell your doctor.
simply go and show this problem to any good doctor because some time these kind of problems create breast cancer as a friend i will advise you left all your work and go for best doctor take cares
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