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How do you stuff your bra and make it look natural and without your parents finding out? I also heard that using tape and pushing your boob up and tapng it there works?Is it true?
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you do know that there are water bras and paddes bras. there is absolutley no need to waste good toilet paper, or tape.
I suggest accepting what you have. have a look at what can happen: you absolutely must have bigger boobs, get an expensive, puffy bra. (Although I really suggest leaving your bra and your boobs as they are. It’s worse to be busted.)
yes and u go girl b something u r not.
Girls have been wrestling with this one since bras were invented. The only thing you can do is buy padded bras. The old-tape-up-your-boob thing didn’t work when I was a teenager and doesn’t work any better now.
Lol.this is the “Women’s Health” board.not the “Pre-pubescent Flat Chested Little Girls” board. Wait a few years, I’m sure something will happen. What are you gonna do when you stuff your bra and it falls out infront of everyone at school? I think that’ll be worse than just having no boobs.
yeah i heard some celebz do that at the grammies or something? but u have to do it some weird way its lsiek right under them u put some tape? weird i know?
Yep, its true, it does work.
i don’t know you, but some of us out there are being a little too insensitive,some not so..but in any case,pretty sure the ladies that have wrote to you mean to say,Please don’t rush this thing..there are people who don’t know ( this is gonna sound funny but) how to get rid ( share) and are stuck with what they have,unless your wealthy (whatever) anyway ,if you still feel the need i believe there are “inserts” you can get at walmart . i think they run about $10-12 ..hope i helped you out =)
I am in the itty bitty committe as well. I can tell you from experiences of teen years that stuffing your bra or wearing formed or padded bras can be very embarssing. Yeah you have the curves that you want but they do not stay in place and people can tell they are fake. When they do they will make fun of you and that is much worse than having small breast.There are many guys who find large breasts not nearly as attractive as small breasts. If the guy is more interested in what size boob you have than who you are inside.he really isn’t worth your time.Do not define your self by the outter shell. Define yourself by who you are ant what you have to offer from within.Good luck to you. Teen years are hard years to get through but we all have to do it.
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