Is this normal in pregnancy?

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I know when you’re pregnant you may get more visible veins/arteries appearing on your breasts.. but I’m getting blotches of what looks like broken blood vessells. Well they look like hickies/love bites, but there isn’t anyway I could have hickies/love bites on my breasts. As well I am very busty and was wondering if breast size could possibly have anything to do with it (i.e because they’re bigger and they are selling, could possible pressure be causing it?) Sorry if it seems like a very dumb question but I haven’t let my boyfriend look at them because like I said they look like hickies and theres like 5 or 6 quarter sized blotches on each breast and he would know he didnt leave them, and wanted to know what a possible cause is and if its linked to pregnancy. ((Another afternote… I know there is going to be someone who comments on them actually being hickies/lovebites… but there is no possible way that they are.)
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Sounds to me like they could possibly be stretch marks. I dunno 4 sure though. Your doc will know.
Show your dr. at your next appt. It is probably nothing because pregnancy does strange things to your body but show them to your dr. to be sure.
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