Girls can u help me plz..?

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i get an itch down there sometimes not all the times.Do you think its feminen itch im worried though. my water is not connected so i cant bath everyday and cant wash my clothes all the time..plz dont judge me or anything cause i wouldnt do that to you if you had this same question. Im just worried
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more like yeast infectionBut it could be poor hygienemaybe an over the counter anti itch cream for femaleif that don’t help check with you health care professionalYou should check with them before you use anything Because it could be some kind of health problem that need to be check
best way to find out if its something worse is to see your could also just be a case of dry skin.or if you shave down there..when hairs grow back in they do tend to make you itch down under.. It still may be an STD or yeast infection. Not all symptoms are text book. I used to bathe at car station sinks when I was homeless. Seek out a free clinic or one based on sliding scale. Good luck.
that sucks. if your clothes arent getting rinsed well enough, it could be a reaction from soap or fabric softener. or it could be just a female thing. do you need a job? let me know.
yeast infection. i had it when i was in elementary school and it was hell. go to ur gyn and get the special medical cream for it.
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