Can you regulate without birth control?

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I have been taking birth control to regulate my period because it was coming every 2 weeks. I haven’t been taking it very long, but the side effects are terrible, nausea, dizziness, headaches, etc. Is there anything that anyone knows of to regulate without meds? Will the cycle just work itself back out? Anybody have any knowledge or experience?? I have never been sexually active, if that matters.
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You probably need to try a different pill. That one is not good for you. Talk to your doctor about the side effects and ask for a different kind. Your periods should become regular after a couple of months on the pill. If you don’t want to continue taking it there isn’t really a way to regulate your body. It does get more regular as you get older if that helps. My body is like clockwork every month.
Not always. You may have to try a different pill. Your doctor can best advise you on what to do to regulate your cycle.How long have you been taking these pills? The side effects do wear off and stop in time. With me, it took about 6 months when I first started them. Also, to ease the nausea: take your pill with milk. It helps settle your stomach.
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