Genarlly, how women feel about doing oral to their men?

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Genarlly, how women feel about doing oral to their men?
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I love the sounds that he makes and just giving him that pleasure. I really does make a difference to do it to someone that loves and respects you.
I actually like doing it. I love seeing that I am pleasing him. However, it has to be the right guy that I am doing it to. If it was some guy that just was using me, **** no I wouldn’t do it!! I never have and never will!! But when you care about somebody, and they care about you, its soo different. I would never give a guy head until I met my boyfreind that I have now. He never once asked me for it, and as our relationship grew, I wanted to do it for him to show him that I care. That is how I feel about head. I usually ask him as I’m doing it what to do to make it even better for him or what he wants at the moment, quickly so it doesn’t interrupt the sensation too much, but just makes it stop just short enough to make him ache for more and make it feel even better. I actually ask my boyfreind if I can give him head once in a while. I enjoy it.
It makes him happy, and it turns me on.
i love giving oral to my guy, i love the face expressions he does, and i just love making him happy, and he returns the favor…
I agree with Juanita — as long as I get “pampered” every now and again…. it’s not a bad thing.
The love it. most of the time they won’t admit it. but they crave it once they done it a couple of times.
When are men going to learn that you can’t generalize women. They are each and every one independantly unique.
Oral can be very pleasurable both ways! Nothing gets me hotter than a 69. Is that too graphic for yahoo?
It’s degrading unless the person you’re doing it with is you’re loving, caring, gentle, trustworthy husband. Otherwise it’s gross and demeaning.
I really enjoy giving that pure pleasure. No sweaty balls though. Can’t do it with sweaty balls. I don’t mind a bit. He returns the favor on a regular basis.
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