Are babys really brought by the stork

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Babies don’t come from the stork, but legend has it that a stork landing on your roof is considered good luck! ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Are babies really brought by storks?
Little boy go play with your GI Joe’s and leave adult stuff alone it is apparent you are way to young and way too immature to be needing to know these things or you would know better. I would bet you are still in pull-ups or just getting ou…
Why do we say that storks bring babies?
The old legend about storks bringing babies was started because the European white stork often nest on the roofs and chimneys of houses in the spring, a time when many babies are born. The bird became a symbol of fertility and was considere…
Do Storks Bring Babies?
A group of researchers in Germany (Hofer et al, 2004), found that the higher the stork population around Berlin, the higher the rate of out-of-hospital births. There was no correlation between the stork community and the rate of births in h…

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Is it true that if Storks brg humans babys that humans bring storks theires?
Q: I’m a really stupid person and am just wondering……..
A: Ya, only in your dreams or nightmares. 😉
Why its said that storks bring babys from Paris? Why Paris?
A: Maybe Paris is where babies are made because they are having sex there, they certainly aren’t doing it in the U.S.
if storks bring babys ? why do adults go through all that trouble ?? lol..?
A: what you term as “trouble”, I term as “fun”And the three times that I went through all that “trouble”, sure was a fun experience..for me at least!*Just smiles warmly at the beautiful blonde above him*
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