Can a man have a baby

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Yes, technically a man could have a baby if an egg was implanted in the abdomen. But that is not yet proven to be a viable way. [ Source: ]
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Yes. Men can have babys. I found this out because i’m a nurse and i had to help a MAN! get baby’s out and it was awful and very painful for him because the baby came out from the tiny little hole where the piss comes out of. The bby was qui…
I’m sorry, but you’re wrong; Mr Beattie is a MAN. He’s a transsexual man, which means he was born with female genitalia and gonads, but that doesn’t make him a woman. Do you believe that genitalia determine gender? If a man were to lose …
Yeah, with a woman or totally in their man womb

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What things do you do at a man baby shower?
Q: My best friend wants to throw a man baby shower for her brother who is now separated from the mother of his unborn child. He has nothing and this is his first child. She’d like to have him a baby shower to help get things for his place for the baby. Any ideas?
A: Do a poker shower!Its a poker game and the buy in could be a package of diapers! You could serve poker-type food…..maybe even some baby back ribs and “baby” veggies with dip.The key to a guy shower is to keep it low key and fun. Make it a hang out time for the new daddy that isn’t over the top about the new baby.Have a journal or nice blank book out for the other daddies to write advice in….
What would you do if you knew your girlfriend/wife cheated on you and is pregnant with another man’s baby?
Q: Hi all! This is a question for the men out there. What would you do if you knew your girlfriend/wife cheated on you and is pregnant with another man’s baby? Any answers would be appreciated! Thanks!
A: Take out an ad in the paper congratulating them on it… Make sure to send copies to her work and family…
What if a man aborted his baby regardless of the mother’s wishes?
Q: If a woman aborts a mans child, because she didn’t want it it’s okay. How is it any worse if a man did the same thing killing the child without injuring the mother whether she wanted the baby or not?
A: the difference is, in our society, it’s the woman that has the responsibility of raising the walk out.women don’t. (don’t quibble, you know that’s true.)when a high school girl has a baby, it’s her life that suffers, not the father’s.get over it.this is about discrimination against women.poor women in particular.guys walk away.women don’t.when you can demonstrate that never happens, get back to me.until then, you don’t get to vote.<<How about we stop killing babies and kill more stupid people.>>we already do that. nice morals. congrats.
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