Can dizzyness be a sign of early pregnancy

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It’s not uncommon to feel lightheaded or dizzy occasionally when you are pregnant. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can dizziness be a sign of early pregnancy?
its a sypmtom, but u need other syptoms, being dizzy could mean anything from Not drank enough Hungry Migranes, ect It could be anything, but if u r having other sypmtoms plus a missed period take a test!
Is dizziness an early sign of pregnancy?
Dizziness could be a sign. I’ve had it off and on at work since I’ve gotten pregnant. But I also had that coupled with other pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs, and sore back and tiredness. If you are just dizzy, then I would go to the doc …
Can dizziness be an early sign of pregnancy?
I was dizzy 4 days after sex and knew I was pregnant by day 8 I thought I would fall over! Day 10 got a BFP!

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Is dizzyness and Blackouts a early sign of pregnancy?
Q: This morning I was sitting down watching televison and then I went to stand up I remember taking about 3 steps then I felt a sudden rush of dizzyness and a little confusion then I blackedout, during the blacking out I went for the wall to brace myself that’s when I came back and realized I was dizzy and needed to sit back down. Me and my husband are ttc and just wanted to know! (Thank you for all pos. info)Also my ovulation date was 9/11/06 and my period is due on Sept. 25th
A: It could be cause your body is working overtime trying to make a baby. If it happens again though I would see a doctor, whether or not you are pregnant.
Change in scent of vagina an early sign of pregnancy?
Q: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have some of the other normal signs of early pregnancy (sore breasts, headaches, dizzyness, some nausea, etc) but for the past week I have noticed a change in the smell of my vagina. It’s not a bad fishy smell, just different. I thought it would go away but it hasn’t. My discharge doesn’t smell different though, so I don’t think it’s an infection or anything. Has anyone heard of a change in your vagina’s scent a sign of pregnancy?Please, mature answers by WOMEN… Or men who know what they’re talking about and are grown-up. Thanks!For your information, I actually noticed it WHILE I was “cleaning it”. What is wrong with you people!? I said it wasn’t a gross smell. I also think I said I wanted mature answers.
A: I don’t know if it’s considered a ‘sign’ per se, but a change in vaginal mucus is very common during pregnancy. Some women believe they have a stronger scent, but I didn’t. Some significant others report that it tastes different . . .Good luck!(And what is with these insulting responses? Don’t these people have anything better to do than display random acts of mean behavior on yahoo???)
Do these sound like early symptoms of pregnancy?
Q: Cramps, back and neck aches, some headaches, getting hungry and thirsty more often, some dizzyness, bloating, and weird feeling in my lower abdomen, and feeling tired all day even though i have been getting about 9 or more hours of sleep a day. Me and my bf had sex march 22, so are these early pregnancy signs? And do I have to have sore breasts and spotting to be pregnant?
A: They could be symptoms of pregnancy!! If so, congratulations! They also can be symptoms of things like diabetes, the flu, etc… 🙁 Take the test! If it says pregnant, come up with a wonderfully creative and cute way to tell the Mr. 🙂 These will all be moments you won’t soon forget! Take care
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