Can you drink red wine when your pregnant

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Actually having red wine in moderation at certain times during pregnancy is fine. But remember it is still alcohol. [ Source: ]
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Can you drink red wine when you are pregnant?
Remember this, back in the 50’s and 60’s before there was the whole dont drink alcohol thing while being pregnant, women would have a glass of wine occasionally. All of those babies came out just fine. In fact there is a higher incident rat…
Is it ok to drink red wine while pregnant?
All you asked was a simple question that many ask…its not like you are going out partying and drinking hard alcohol like some people on here think…you do what your doctor says..dont worry about all the bull crap that some people say…l…
Can you drink red wine while pregnant?
More about Wine and Pregnancy Drinking while pregnant is a touchy subject no matter how you approach it. Most Americans, understandably, seem to be unable to approach any discussion of it without the strong moralistic bias that underlies so…

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Is it really ok to drink red wine when pregnant?
Q: im going to be 21 in sept and was wondering if a half a glass would ok to have….its the only time i would have a glass…
A: a glass of wine every so often isn’t going to do any damage. People will try to scare you, but to have a glass of wine on your 21st birthday is fine. That being said, don’t drink the whole bottle!! It also depends on how your body reacts. I went to Italy when I was pregnant and decided I was going to have a glass of wine while I was there cuz I was in Italy and all, but my daughter was not having it, and I left my delicious chianti in a dirty bathroom in Rome….
is a small glass of red wine really ok to drink when pregnant?
Q: ok i so i have heard that its ok to drink like a small glass of red wine when you are pregnant every couple of weeks or so? i was just curious if this was true or and what is everyones opinion on it?ok florida girl i never said anything about heavy drinking.. i said a small glass of red wine every couple of weeks.. jeeze people get so carried away!
A: Yes! red wine is actually good for you. Even when you arent pregnant, red wine is good for the heart 🙂 I actually think that depending on the doctor, they could tell you that you can have 1 small glass of wine a day if you wanted. But if you are trying to go into labor sometime in the near future I would say dont drink wine at all becuz of the alcohol. It can actually help supress labor, dont listen to anyone that tells you it will help labor along lol! I googled it and found out that the alcohol just helps you relax more and can help stop the labor… no more wine for me!There really isnt enough alcohol in a small glass of wine to do anything. People just are very crazy anal about pregnancies now a days. but its totally fine! Even ask your doc if you dont believe it!
Can you drink red wine while pregnant?
Q: **Please dont say nothing stupid** ME and my mother and my sisters and her friends where talking at the table the other day. One of my sisters friends suggested that it was ok to drink a glass a day or every once in while.My mom said it relaxes the baby also. i said i wouldnt because it still has alcohol in it and i didnt want to risk my pregnancy drinking a champagne glass of red wine.. are they telling the truth? or am i just too cautious?
A: More about Wine and PregnancyDrinking while pregnant is a touchy subject no matter how you approach it. Most Americans, understandably, seem to be unable to approach any discussion of it without the strong moralistic bias that underlies so much of our culture. While the majority’s point of view on the subject is morally driven, the righteousness of the “common sense” on the issue comes not from some religious conviction, but from an unconsidered, yet zealous acceptance of supposed scientific evidence. In short, everyone knows that “it’s dangerous to drink while pregnant because it leads to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and birth defects.”Yet, like so many things that are “common sense” in our culture, this accepted wisdom, is only barely true, as today’s article in the New York Times discusses.Now I’ve addressed the subject of wine and pregnancy here before on Vinography. And the discussion which ensued was a perfect example of how strongly people feel about this subject.One of the great things about the Times article is how well it sets out the conflicting points of view. On the one hand, we have folks who point to the experiential evidence of, essentially, the whole nation of France, where women regularly drink and smoke through their pregnancies with statistically no higher rate of FAS than in the US. On the other hand we have the warning labels on bottles of wine, and the strident insistence of many that there are scientific studies which prove that drinking during pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus.In my opinion the supposed “scientific facts” which are behind everyone’s default point of view on the subject don’t support the notion that drinking while pregnant is dangerous. Oh sure, there is scientific evidence relating to alcohol and pregnancy, but scientifically it only proves two things:1. heavy drinking while pregnant is dangerous for every normal person2. for those with a history of alcoholism, any drinking may be dangerous during pregnancyAs the Times article, as well as the article cited in my previous post on the subject relate, there are no studies which show any increased likelihood of FAS or birth defects in healthy women who occasionally consume alcohol in small quantities during pregnancy. Of course, this doesn’t stop anyone from sermonizing about the dangers. Which really has led to a culture of fear in the US.Thankfully, reports from several of the friends I have who recently had children show that doctors are increasingly not buying the hysteria and are giving sensible advice. For most of my friends, that has amounted to “an occasional single glass of wine with a meal is perfectly fine.”Which is why any pregnant woman who eats at my house gets a wine glass at her table setting. But of course, I live in America, so I’m now forced to say that everything you’ve just read is my opinion only, and doesn’t constitute medical advice, and you should talk to your doctor before eating or drinking anything during pregnancy which might affect your health or the health of your baby.
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