Can you fly when your pregnant

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In general, it’s ok to fly until 36 weeks domestically and 35 weeks internationally. Best to check with your doctor first. TY! [ Source: ]
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Yes, it is safe to fly. The biggest concern is, if you are late in your pregnancy, that you may go into labor while away from home. Call your doctor and ask them, just to be sure everything is OK. The pressure changes in an airplane cabin c…
Summary: Flying while pregnant is usually safe, so long as there are no complications with the pregnancy, the mother-to-be stays well-hydrated, and she travels with her medical records. Get tips on flying on an airplane safely and comfortab…
As long as your pregnancy has been healthy and normal you are good to fly. No need to worry or to change your vacation plans! Many pregnant women fly every day. Good to go for your vacation!

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Is it safe to fly when your pregnant?
Q: I’m 18 weeks pregnant and would like to go to Queensland in April, and would like to know if flying would harm my baby?
A: no i think a doctor will ok it until 30 weeks, even then he will probably say ok if you are still doing well. even some ins. companies will advise you not to travel out of the state once you reach 36 weeks, because if you deliver in a different state your benefits may not apply!
Can you fly in airplanes when your pregnant?
Q: I want to have a baby but I have trip to Hawaii in 5 months and I will have to fly. Has anyones doctor said it was okay to fly at five months?
A: When I was pregnant, I was told that the first two trimesters were okay to fly. They also said the 2nd trimester is actually the safest time to travel assuming you will not have a high risk pregancy. You don’t have to worry about morning sickness like in the 1st trimester or premature labor like in the 3rd. They do not recommend it after 6 months though. I’m sure like all things pregnancy related, different doctors will have different advice. Also, check with the airline. Some of them have restrictions on flying while pregnant as well. Some require doctor clearance. Good luck!
Do you gain the ability to fly when pregnant?
Q: I my gf said she would be flying when she became pregnant. do you gain the ability to fly when pregnant?
A: You don’t “gain” the “ability” to fly…if you are asking if it’s OK to travel by plane when pregnant, then yes. Usually it is best for the pregnant woman to speak to her doctor before the flight. In some cases, the doc will give their patient their records to carry in case the woman goes into labor out of town.
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