Can you get pregnant after a tubal ligation

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Yes it is possible but unlikely. If you do become pregnant, see a doctor immediately. To have him make sure it is not Ectopic. [ Source: ]
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I had a tubal ligation. Two years later I was married and really wanted a child with my husband. We prayed about it and looked up statistcs. We found out we had a 1.4% chance of getting pregnant and if we did we had a 70% chance it would be…
Yes you can, I’ve heard of it happening, though it is seen as a rare thing. Here’s what WikiAnswers had to say A recent study (the Collaborative Review of Sterilization, or CREST, study) looked at 10,000 women who had undergone tubal ligati…
[I swear I am not making this story up!] My husband works with a guy who had a vasectomy after his third child. His wife got pregnant a year later… testing revealed that he had healed and was fertile again. He got a second vasectomy, supp…
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