Can you get pregnant if your cherry has not popped

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Yes, you can get pregnant even if your hymen is not broken. The hymen may contain small holes or might already be broken. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant when your cherry has not popped??
Yes any introduction of sperm into that area can result in a pregnancy, no matter how it gets there (fingers, penis touching vagina but not inserted). And you can actually get pregnant before you have a period too. Sometime in the month bef…
Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry has not been popped??
Of course she can, because girls don’t have “cherries” and nothing down there goes “pop”. If you are talking about the HYMEN, well, that certainly doesn’t function as birth control. It won’t keep sperm or anything else o…
Could I Get Pregnant if My Cherry Did Not Pop When I Had Sex??
Whenever a woman and a man have sex there is a chance that the woman might become pregnant, especially if a condom breaks or no condom was used. If a woman does not experience bleeding during her first time having sex, she is still at risk …

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is it easier to get pregnant after your cherry has been popped?
Q: I am 22 years old and I’m pretty sure that the last sex I had my cherry popped, I hurd and felt a wrip, I was curious if it is going to be easier to get pregnant?
A: “Popping a girl’s cherry” is just a term for a girl loosing her virginity. There have been plenty of women who have conceived at the time they lost their virginity. It has nothing to do with being able to conceive.
Can you only get pregnant if your cherry has been popped?
Q: Im wanting to know if you can only get pregnant if your cherry has been popped, because mine hasn’t and im deciding on having kids one of these days. Is there any possible way you can still get pregnant even if your cherry hasn’t been popped.
A: Its possible but there would have to be sexual contact.
Can you get pregnant after your cherry gets popped, and your period is delayed?
Q: I already posted a question, and i still want more answers. I want to be sure, without asking my parents, or a doctor. My period usually comes around the 15th or 16th of each month. But last month it came the 27th and the month before the 22nd. Then on the 14th, i got my “cherry popped.” It bled a lot, on my shorts. Then i had an urge to pee, so i went and a lot more blood was in the toilet. It stopped bleeding after a little bit. Today, is the 17th, and i havent gotten my period yet. Am i pregnant? Or is it my period delayed again? I need serious help, im really scared that im pregnant. Im only 14. Help please.
A: oh hunny you don’t have a clue you really should NOT be having sex at this age and worrying about being pregnant it is NOT something to be taken lightly go talk to your parents or a counselor
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