Can you get pregnant with your tubes tied

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Tubal ligations are 99.5% effective as birth control. (I have no idea how those .5% get through). Considered “sterilization”. [ Source: ]
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Yes, you can, it is rare, but it can happen. One other possibility when having your tubes tied is etopic pregnancy, this is when the fertilized egg develops somewhere other then the uterus.
Occasionally a woman will have her tubes tied and still end up pregnant. There are different ways of severing the fallopian tube, some more reliable than others. Ask your doctor what method he uses and how many failures his method has had b…
It does happen – some women do become pregnant even though their tubes were tied . . . nature working against what you had science do! You may want to take a home pregnancy test as soon as possible and/or contact your doctor. . . about 1/3 …

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What are the real odds of getting pregnant with your tubes tied?
Q: What can cause you to become pregnant, when tied (I know the birds and bees?) Is it safe? How long does it take for this to happen? Does it stop working after a few years, like it breaks or something? How long is it really good for? Have you or someone you know gotten pregnant with tied tubes? If so what was the story?Bent together and tied of with microscopic rubber band.
A: I did get mine tied, and so far nothing, but it’s only been 7 months. My sister in law on the other hand, got pregnant and had a baby 2 years after having hers tied. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it. The doctors told me that the chance of getting pregnant after a tubal is slim to none.
Can you get pregnant with your tubes tied?
Q: I was just wondering if anyone on here or that you know has gotten pregnant after they had gotten their tubes tied? What are the odds of that happening? Thank you for your responses.
A: I’ve seen it happen.
Can you get pregnant if your tubes are tied and your taking birth control?
Q: I heard that even though you have your tubes tied you can still get pregnant and I dont want to have any more children I am 28 years old and I have 2 boys. I’m done. I was wondering if you can still get pregnant if you take birth control as well or can you not take birth control while your tubes are tied?
A: I doubt it. But If you do get knocked up, go buy a lottery ticket. lol
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