Can you get pregnate when the girl is on top

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The sexual position used during intercourse does not affect whether the woman will get pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant if girls on top?
yes u can only if your careful Answer If the penis enters the vagina in any position daround ovulation you can get pregnant.
Is it possible to get pregnant if the girl is on top??
Yep. That’s how I’m carrying this little bean in my tummy. lol. You can get pregnant girl on top, guy on top, from behind, side to side, even when the guy doesn’t let it out inside you! he lets on sperm before the big boom. Unless your usin…
Does the girl being on top mean she can’t get pregnant??
Umm not. that is def. not a true statement. You can. I would suggest if you are worried about getting pregnant then you might want to do some research. There are things to help prevent that. You can use condoms, get on a type of birth contr…

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Can a girl really not get pregnate if she is on top?
Q: I saw it on Knocked Up..
A: It is preferred that a man should be on top, as the position allows the man to deposit sperm closest to the cervix. In all reality, a woman can get pregnant in any position, as long as sperm enters the vagina, she can get pregnant. No matter what position.
do babydoll tank tops make paople look pregnate?
Q: ok so i got this RLY CUTE babydolltank at hollister today! im kinda nervouse someone will think im pregnate though, lol. idk. do you thuin they make girl look pregnate. my pregnate aunt wears them all the time.
A: Not if you’re extremely thin!!!
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