Can you go swimming with a tampon in

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Yes you can go swimming with a tampon in, that is one of the reason to use them. ChaCha on [ Source: ]
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Can you go swimming in a tampon?
Yes you can use a tampon while swimming, it’s as safe using tampons when swimming then any other time, however tampons in general are unhealthy and unhygienic. Tampons are a problem because they prevent your vagina cleaning itself, give bac…
Can you wear a tampon to go swimming?
yes that’s the only way you can go swimming if you are on your wearing one.
Do I need to wear a tampon to go swimming?
This is my first period. My flow is very light right now. I change my pad around every four hours and there is barely a spot. I might be going…

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i have a light flow but i need to wear a tampon to go swimming?
Q: just what it says.. i have to go swimming today and i have a pretty light flow. is it still safe to use a tampon? i’m afraid it might get heavier, and i’ll definitely need one. also, any tips on swimming with tampons?
A: Swimming with tampons is like doing anything else with tampons. One thing is certain — you shouldn’t be going into a pool without either a pad and a swimsuit that will keep it dry or a tampon. It’s a health issue for everyone who uses the pool if any of your menstrual fluid escapes into the pool.
Is it okay to go swimming in a tampon?
Q: We got a new pool. I want to go swimming tomorrow in our new pool, but I am having my period. Is it okay to swim wearing a tampon?
A: yes its the best thing to do… pads would get nasty…even mroe nasty than they already are and i bet people would be able to see that ur wearing a pad so stick with tampons & make sure the string doesnt show!!! also, when you are in water you tend not to menstrade because water puts pressure on ur flow so that it doesnt happen in water usually but to be safe just wear a tampon.
Can I go swimming when I have a light period without a tampon?
Q: I have a my first tampon in and idk it i did it right but im haveing a pretty ligh period can I go swimming without a tamponCan I wear a pad in the pool? Im going to be jumping in idkIm scared. I already have a tampon in should I use a tampon and a pad? I am wearing a black suit
A: cold water is supposed to stop your period so you could if you feel confident enough, but personally i would feel very self concious without a tampon even with a light period
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