Can you have your period during pregnancy

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You should not have a period during pregnancy. Some women experience spotting in the beginning. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Yes, you can still have a perios while you are pregnant. It is normal for some women, but you should always talk to your doctor first and let him make the final decision.
No, you can not have a period during pregnancy, but you can have spotting or bleeding due to the implantation of the egg. So if you believe you may be pregnant visit you local convenient store to purchase a home pregnancy test or visit an o…
It is possible to bleed regularly throughout your pregnancy as though you are having a period but it wouldn’t actually be the same. its more of a pseudoperiod if that makes sense. it is very rare though. I would see your GP if you’re pregna…

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Can you still get your REGULAR period during pregnancy?
Q: Can you still get your REGULAR period during pregnancy?I am not talking about spotting or random bleeding during pregnancy. I am asking about a regular period which happens every month at the same time for 5-7 days?
A: Some women think that its a regular period just because u get it every month but ur not suppose to if u do bleed its most likely that its just spotting but if it comes with unbearable cramps go to the E.R soon because there’s a chance ur having a miscarriage
what causes your body to have a period during pregnancy?
Q: How does some women’s body’s have a period while their pregnant? Is it possible to have a ‘normal’ pregnancy first with no period then have a period during pregnancy with your second? does this stuff run in the family? What causes it?
A: sometimes it is caused by a placenta near the opening of the cervix
Is it possible to have your period during pregnancy?
Q: I had unprotected intercourse about four months ago, I started suspecting pregnancy but eventually had my period as normal. My boyfriend and I broke up in Between all of this so I haven’t had sex again. I was meant 2 start my period about 2 weeks ago but ive only had spotting. I can’t get a hold of a test for another few days so please I need some answers.
A: Well, they say that you cannot have your period while you are pregnant. HOWEVER, one of my girlfriend’s mom’s was like 38 and thought she couldn’t have anymore kids. She kept having a normal period and come to find out she was pregnant. She didn’t actually find out until about month 5 BECAUSE she was having regular periods. I’m not kidding, no joke! It’s obviously VERY VERY rare, but not IMPOSSIBLE… I’ve seen it happen!
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