Can you still bleed like you are on your period if you are pregnant

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Many women notice bleeding or spotting throughout their pregnancy, particularly during their first trimester. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Why is it that you can still bleed (like a period) when you are p…?
Since bleeding that occurs in the first half of pregnancy is so common (20-30%), many wonder what the causes are besides some of the complications already mentioned. Bleeding can occur in early pregnancy due to the following factors, aside …
Can you bleed brown/old blood like a period and still be pregnant…?
I had a similar period just a few days ago. It actually lasted like almost 10 days! It was pretty light the whole time (only needed one pad per day) and it was dark brown. I think that my period was weird because I took Plan B the month bef…

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can you get pregnant DURING an irregular period?
Q: can you get pregnant durin your period if it has been over a month of bleeding?
A: you can get pregnant anytime of the month even during your period. some woman ovulate irregular. so you can even ovulate while you already have your period.
If you spot bleed before your period starts could you still have a chance of being pregnant?
Q: I am 16 years old and have this chance of being pregnant. I was having cramps then they stopped. I went to the bathroom and very light pink spots in my underwear, it had to spot bleeding. I have never had this light pink spotting come up before ever. Then later that night I started my period so is there still a chance of me being pregnant.
A: most likely you are not, that happened to me and i thought the same and took a test NEGATIVE!!!
Can you be pregnant and still bleed as if you were on your period and be experiencing cramping also?
Q: My period was one week late which has never happened I’ve always had regular cycles and I was starting to believe i was pregnant.I have been more tired an less energy, real lazy.i had backaches that would come and go and light cramps that would come and go.Yesterday morning 39 days since my LMP i started experiencing cramping which in fact did not go away but stayed all day later that afternoon noticed very light spotting which disappeared then I had sex and an hour or two after that I noticed heavier spotting.Woke up the next morning still cramping and bleeding heavier like I had just gotten my period but when i looked i didnt c any clots or anything. I read online how you can’t have a period while pregnant but what it is vaginal bleeding.I really wanted to be pregnant so i am very disappointed right now.I just need to know has this ever happened to anyone?? Is there still a chance I can be pregnant?? Will my doc b able to examine me while im bleeding or will i hav to reschedule?
A: I dont think you are pregnant just yet. Women can have spotting and some bleeding during pregnancy bit usually when it is accompanied by cramps that would indicate your period..If you think u are pregnant that would make u be late, trust me this has happened to a lot of people I know including myself at one point. Sometimes having sex can bring on a period that is late or delayed. But honestly this sounds like a period to me…Keep trying, it took me first tries with 3 of my pregnancies but with this one I tried for 6 months and Now i am 6 weeks. Good Luck!
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