Can you still get pregnant if your on the pill

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When used and taken properly the birth control pill is 98% effective. Other medications can weaken their effectiveness. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you still get pregnant if you are on the pill?
How to Get Pregnant after the Pill
・ 1 First of all, whether you’ve been on the Pill or not, go and buy some Folic Acid or other Prenatal… ・ 2 Once you actually come off the Pill give yourself at least a month before you start ‘trying’. You need… ・ 3 Stop smoking! This i…
Could you still get pregnant while on the birth control pill??
Yes, its a very small percentage but of course you can get pregnant while using any contraceptive out there. Also, if you’re taking anti-biotics, that has proven to lessen the pill’s effectiveness. Doctors should always disclose that fact t…

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If you’re on the mini-pill and get pregnant on it without realising and continue the course of pills can it?
Q: terminate your pregnancy?
A: Not usually…and that is one of the drawbacks to this type of BC. The mini pill keeps your body from naturally terminating a pregnancy that would normally be due to problems. If you read the package insert, it says that taking this pill during the first 4 months of pregnancy can result in a higher chance of birth defects, and it is because your body is less likely to terminate such a pregnancy.
Can one get pregnant if the condom slipped off before ejaculation and day 9 of cycle?
Q: During intercourse, the condom had slipped off inside me and I had to pull it out, but this was before my boyfriend ejaculated. It has been 9 days since I had gotten my period, and I had just taken the plan B pill 12 hrs after this happened. I’m still really worried, what is the likelihood in a situation like this for pregnancy?
A: you took plan b you’ll be fine
If you’re on the pill and pregnant do you still get your period?
Q: If you’re on a birth control pill and you are pregnant does your period still come like normal when it normally comes? Can someone please help?
A: hmmm…your question is kind of confusing…1. go off your birth control pill if you’re pregnant2. no, your period will not come when it normally comes if you are indeed pregnant.
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