Can you tell if your pregnant from a blood test

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Yes, a hormone called hCG is present in the blood 10 days after the egg is fertilized. 7-12 days from conception is the timeframe. [ Source: ]
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How early can a blood test detect pregnancy?
Blood tests can detect a pregnancy earlier than a home pregnancy test. They can detect it about 7-12 days from possible conception and can also measure the concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in your blood. This can be ver…
Am I pregnant? If you get a blood test will that tell you sooner …?
A blood test is never wrong, but a urine test is faster (if you mean the ones you buy at the store). For blood tests, you have to wait a few hours to hear the results, usually. Urine tests can give false negatives, but never false positives…
How soon can a blood test tell you you are pregnant??
Some early home pregnancy tests can show a positive result as early as 10 days past ovulation and can detect levels of hCG (the hormone that shows pregnancy) as low as 20 mIU. I would guess that a blood test might show as early as 8. For mo…

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How soon can a blood test tell if your pregnant?
Q: How soon can i take a blood test to tell if im pregnant?
A: That is the method I had with my baby and I had the test done on a Thursday and knew by Monday. Good Luck!!
how early can a blood test tell you your pregnant?
Q: i started getting egg white cm on the 26th august and didnt start having sex until the 29th august am still getting cm nowi went to the doctor and got a blood test on monday and it came back negative but if i was pregnant i would be 7-10 days pregnant could a blood test come up that your pregnant or is it to early to tell the doctor said to do a hpt in a few weeks
A: yes too early, wait till your period is late and you know the egg is fertilised and implanted in your uterus, as some do get fertilised and dont implant ie. chemical pregnancy’s…get a HPT and do it the day after your periods due! good luck
Whats the soonest the dr ca tell your pregnant by blood pregnancy test?
Q: ok I haven’t been on any b/c. Im getting my tubes tied in less than 12 hours. I took 5 test 1 came out + but a very very faint line others were neg .If i go in the Morning be for my tubal and get a blood test will it show up quicker than a home test.And how long does it take for the results to come back. please no stupid remarks im already scared and nervous enough.
A: It takes 8 days after conceiving to get a positive blood pregnancy test. Only that’s not true all the time, my cousin was definetely pregnant. She got a positive with a home pregnancy test and a negative with a blood test, only to have an almost 3 year old son now. It’s better you refrain from having sex for a month at least before getting your tubes tied unless you can live with the fact you had an abortion if you end up being pregnant. Depending on the pregnancy test, I’d say it’s positive because a faint line means pregnant right? Only thing is, do NOT trust Clear Blue Easy. I’ve had many false positives and false negatives with them. Trust First Response only. Sometimes if you’re nervous like you are, you will find a faint line there when it’s just the reflection of the line inside. Sometimes it’s just an evaporation line if you got a positive after reading it 10 minutes after the test was performed. Good luck with everything. I hope you’re ready to never have babies again, I know I’m not ready to seal the deal just yet in case…you never know.
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