Could my girlfriend be pregnant if she missed her period

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Some causes of Missed periods are: Excessive weight loss or gain.. Eating disorders. Emotional stress. Illness. Travel. Pregnancy [ Source: ]
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What period would my girlfriend miss if she was pregnant??
No matter what anyone tells you, it is absolutely possible for her to be pregnant. The female body is not a computer, we are not always only fertile four exactly 24 hours during exactly the middle of our cycle. It is even possible, though n…
Can My Girlfriend miss her period and not be pregnant cause she f…?
Pulling out is the WORST method of birth control there is. There can be many reasons why a woman misses her period, but pregnancy is the most common one. If you had sex two weeks before her period was due, and her cycles are pretty regular,…

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My girlfriend missed her period, could she be pregnant?
Q: Me and my girlfriend have had a lot of sex recently, but it has always been with protection. But now she has missed her period by 4 days! We’re both really worried because she thinks she might be pregnant. She has been in stress because of problems in our relationship and she was eating so bad a week ago she fainted. I don’t want to try to get out of it by saying it’s stress, but could stress really be the reason of her missed period?she didn’t faint because f the stress, but because she didn’t eat right.A couple of years ago she did have an eating disorder but she stopped a while ago. Maybe she started again and i haven’t noticed it. Thank you for the comment because now i know something i can help in.
A: Well, a lot of factors could go into why she’s missed her period. Stress is one of them. But, pregnancy is also one of them. Best thing to do is to go and buy a home pregnancy test and see whats up.
Could my girlfriend be pregnant, since she missed her period?
Q: ok my girlfriend was supposed to get her period around friday but didnt get it so she took a pregnancy test saturday, first thing in the morning, and it came out negative. She followed the exact directions and didnt mess up and waited more than 3 weeks after we had intercourse( i did not ejaculate inside her). she took it again the following monday morning and it turned up negative again. she still hasnt gotten her period but has a history of a messed up cycle, like shes missed her period before, even before we started having intercourse and her cycle is never the same(its irregular). what are the chances she is pregnant?she hasn’t had any symptoms either and we cant schedule a blood test, although i know it would tell us for sure
A: You already know the answer. It’s written in your question. Of course she could be and you won’t know for sure until a blood test or it comes.
My girlfriend missed her period 4 days ago. Negative test results 2 days after missed period. Is she pregnant?
Q: My girlfriend missed her period and is 4 days late. We are both still virgins but have messed around (as in touching each other). Her period last month came February 17th. We messed around February 27th. Her period was supposed to come again March 18th. We took a home pregnancy test (first response) March 20th and it came out negative. She had her first ever Yeast Infection from March 5th til the 19th. Could that be a reason her period is late?Ever since we started messing around November 7th, her cycle changed from 28 days to 29 days, for the exception of the month of dec-jan. It was 30 days. I have a feeling it changed because she is sexually aroused just about all the time, as opposed to before. Could my reasoning be accurate? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂
A: Pregnancy tests can be wrong. Periods can be late. my last one was weeks late. I don’t think she’s pregnant
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