Do you flush tampons down the toilet

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The majority of tampons are flushed down the toilet. [ Source: ]
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Can you Flush tampons down the toilet?
no it would cause serious plumbing problems
Can tampons be flushed down the toilet?
The actual tampon can be flushed, but you cannot flush the applicator. Maybe you should try cardboard tampons so you can flush the applicator too.
Is it okay to flush tampon wrappers, etc, down the toilet??
I’m surprised by all of the answers you’re getting saying to flush your tampons. Tampons should never be flushed and they deffinately aren’t biodegradable. You are supposed to wrap up the used tampon in toilet paper and throw it in the tras…

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Why is it still such a bad thing to flush tampons down the toilet when the package says they are flushable?
Q: The tampons I buy have always said flushable. Even the ones with the cardboard applicator and paper wrapper say that those are also flushable (although I don’t attempt it..)I still hear people saying that you can’t flush them though. I’ve never had a problem flushing the ones that say flushable.Why is there such a confusion?
A: If the toilet is on a septic system with a septic tank, the tampons will not degrade properly and they will clog up the system. If the toilet is on a city sewage system, then it is generally okay to flush them. Some people think they add unnecessary pollution to the water system. Also, if your water pipes have any kind of roughness or cracks in the sewage pipes from the toilet to the city sewage, the strings often catch in the pipes and pretty soon you have a nasty clog. Believe me, tampons can clog pipes up. And if it is your dad or your husband that has to go out and roto-rooter those nasty things out of the pipe along with the poop in the middle of a cold night, you will not be popular.
is it bad to flush tampons down the toilet?
Q: i do it in public restrooms all the time but i wont do it at home because im afraid it will clog my pipes…will it?
A: Tampons cannot be flushed down any toilets. Period.Tampon manufacturers market their products as flushable in order to make them seem more convenient, unfortunately unlike other products such as q-tips there are no requirements for ‘bag it and bin it’ logos, you may also notice these logos on sanitary product bins. Tampons are absorbent wads of material, thus they swell within the pipes, and it costs water authorities millions to fix the damage that tampons cause that could be better spent – tampons do not break up like toilet paper as some people have claimed. Tampons also make it through the sewage systems, even with people employed to prevent debris like this working their way through the system or with the most advanced sewage treatment. Once through the sewage system they can then make their way into the oceans, washing up on beaches – there is approximately 14 tampons per kilometre of beach as a result of flushing tampons. [Source: Beachwatch] Tampons are a big enough environmental concern as it is without flushing them. The only things you flush down the toilet is waste and toilet paper, it’s up to you to be responsible and dispose of tampons and pads correctly via a bin. If you prefer the convenience then you can always switch to options such as menstrual cups such as Divacup – – that can be left in for up to 12 hours and are reusable so don’t require disposing of, they also have a lot of benefits over tampons – safer, more hygienic, cheaper. http://www.bagandbin.org
Do you flush tampons down the toilet?
Q: I heard you’re not supposed to, but it says they’re flushable on the box?
A: Tampons are supposed to be flushable, but many septic systems cannot handle them. You can ruin some pipelines by flushing stuff that is not human waste or toilet paper. Best to wrap it in toilet paper and toss it in the trash.
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