Do you need your period to have a baby

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You need to at reach puberty and receive your period every month in order to have a baby. Thanks. [ Source: ]
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Do you need to have your period to have a baby?
Not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if you can get pregnant before you start having periods? (Like, as a young teen?) Yes, it’s possible to get pregnant before ever having a period — if you ovulate first, and have sex ti…

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How early did your period return after you had a baby, and were you breastfeeding?
Q: Mine returned after six weeks, I read that if your period returns earlier than 3 months while breastfeeding means youre not making enough milk, is this true?? Im already on my second period since baby and he is only 9weeks old.
A: It’s said that the more you breastfeed the longer it will take for your period to come, and the less you breastfeed the sooner you will get your period. But every woman is different. to the bottom where it says “When your period returns.”It’s nothing to worry about.
How soon does birth control start working after your period? Baby?
Q: How soon does birth control start working after your period? How at risk are you for pregnancy if you have finished your period and are on the second day of your pill and while having sex your partner did not pull out?
A: If you take the first active pill on the firts day of your period then you’re protected immediately if not it takes a week. however I’ve also read 14-28 days so some people wait longer.After two days I doubt the pill is working Harriet
Breastfeeding moms: When did you get your period after baby?
Q: My baby is almost 6 months and I still haven’t got my period. She is exclusively breastfed, she sleeps through most nights, nurses about 6 times a day. We want to try to get pregnant again in December or January but obviously we won’t be able to if I’m not ovulating! So when did you get your period?
A: At 10 months…kind of. I had a period last month, but have yet to see one this month, so I don’t think things are back on track yet!
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