Do you poop a lot when your pregnant

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Actually, most women have less frequent bowel movements, and find themselves more constipated during a pregnancy. ChaCha again. [ Source: ]
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Does your bunny poop a lot when pregnant?
Well I guess your bunny could because the buuny has to eat a lot of food when they are pregnant cause the babies need food and so does the bunny.
Does pregnancy make you poop a lot?
Some women get constipated and some go the other way. I went the other way. Better that than constipation.
Why do you poop a lot on your period?
it is common for girls to poop a lot during their period becuase of hormone level changes. the hormones that signal the release of the lining of the uterus also signal the gastro system; making your bowels move more. this is also why girls …

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I know this is TMI but is it normal to poop a lot more when your pregnant?
Q: I’m not really eating more or anything and I never heard anything about this…I’m pretty early too, only 10 weeks but it’s been like this the whole time. Anyone else experience this?
A: I pooped way more in my first trimester than I did before I got pregnant. Then as things got bigger and my organs started getting squished, it slowed down and now causes the dreaded pregnant constipation.
Hi, I have a black molly that is a little fat and is also releasing a lot of poop… can she be pregnant?
Q: HI i have a black molly that is a little fat and she recently was preganat. And she is releasing a lot of poop can she be in labor?
A: she could b, so i would take so new clean water and some of the water that is in the tank she is currantly in and fill another container. now depending on how many other fish u have i would take them out of the tank rather than the “possiably” mother fish. it would put more stress on her 2 take her out but if u must go ahead and put her in the other container. make sure u watch 2 c if she has any “major” behavior changes. if nothing seems change 4 about a week go 2 a pet store or vet and ask them. if still after a week she is the same and really has no other changes then i would venture 2 say that shes just a fat fish and not going 2 have any babies. GOOD LUCK
im 38 weeks pregnant and pooping a lot why?
Q: im 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second child and pooping a lot why can anyone help?
A: There is a lot of weight on your internal organs because of the child you are carrying. Diarrhea can also occur when you are close to labor.
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