Do you still menstruate when your pregnant

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Some women have their period even though they are pregnant. Most however the period stops during the whole pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Will you still menstruate if you got pregnant 2 days before your …?
I think so but I’m wondering the same Thing
Can you menstruate and still be pregnant?
Most of the time you conceive about two weeks before your period is due. If you had a period around your normal time then it could be either implantation bleeding(fetus implanting into the uterus) or the beginnings of a miscarriage. You sho…
Can a person get pregnant two days before her period yet still me…?
Hello. Yes this can happen. It happened to me. If you experience any pregnancy symptoms then do a pregnancy test in three weeks time. Or wait till your next period arrives and if it doesn’t arrive, do a test.

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Did anyone else get hit on a lot more when pregnant or on your period?
Q: I’ve read that a woman’s body actually makes itself more attractive when pregnant or menstruating. Your skin glows, your lips get fuller etc. I’m three months pregnant right now, and I’m getting hit on more than I was in college!Anyone else in the same boat?
A: i noticed that!in front of my HUSBAND, by his friends!he’s even more possessive now that i’m pregnant, and that didn’t help at all!!!
How does a baby survive if the mother menstruate when she is pregnant?
Q: I did biology and understand how the embryo sinks into the blood in the womb. This is were the embyo feeds until it leaves the womb as a baby. How then does the embryo survive if menstuation takes place during pregnancy, how does it feed, what happens in a case like this?
A: Although some women think they are having their period while pregnant, it is not the same thing. Bleeding during pregnancy can happen for many reasons, such as implantation, or shedding the lining of the uterus. Not all bleedings are menstrual.
I’ve heard that a missed period is not a sure sign of pregnancy because u can still menstruate and be pregnant
Q: In other words,is it true that a woman can be actually pregnant and still have a menstrual cycle?I’ve heard that it can happen.
A: mensuration and pregnancy cannot happen simultaniously. If both occurs its called ‘threatend obartion’ and will have a immature baby or baby with physical defects.Read more at for perfect answer.
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