Does ovulation make you tired

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Fatigue or tiredness is not a symptom of ovulation, although it is a sign of early pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does ovulation make you tired?
This is probably do to the fact you are on Clomid. I know Clomid makes it where I can’t sleep and am so restless. I have started ovulating and am excited but I to am exhausted to the point of not wanting to do anything and the headaches are…

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Does anyone else get really tired before and/or during ovulation?
Q: I get so tired that if I sit down and watch t.v., I will fall asleep at 8pm. I was just wondering if this was normal.
A: I get tired and get the pain on my side! Normal!
Normal to feel sad and tired during ovulation?
Q: I’m 21 years old and ovulating right now. The last few times I have ovulated, I’ve felt really sad and tired, even more than I do during my menstrual cycle. I actually think my ovulation cycles are worse and more painful than my periods. I wanted to ask if any other women here have ever felt that way. Thanks. : )
A: Yes! for the last few months i have noticed that i am wayyyy more tired right after my ovulation time- i can barely keep myself awake the week after i’ve ovulated. i want to just crawl into my bed from noon until i get home from work and then i end up laying there – can’t sleep – maybe for an hour if i’m lucky. I wouldn’t say my ovulation pains are worse than my period pains but they are getting worse than they used to be. mind u i just turned 34 and don’t have any children yet.
Does ovulation pain mean that i didnt conceive?
Q: I got a positive OPK and had sex accordingly for 2 days, however i have been getting that side pain for days now and today its even worse. I’m guessing its ovulation.My silly question is- does that mean i have not conceived? I feel i am asking the obvious here. Also is there a reason why i just cant seem to get up in the morning the past 2 days? I’m so tired.
A: No the pain doesn’t mean anything. It just means you can tell when you are ovulating. I was tired too. I think it just has to do with rising hormone levels and temps and all that crazy stuff your body does. If you did the BD in the days that your OPK said yoor LH had risen then there is a good chance you did concieve. From here you get the joy of the TWW (two week wait). Its the longest 2 weeks ever! lol! Try to be patient.Someone said to test in a few days…..don’t….its to early. Your best bet would be to wait 14 days (seems like forever but you’ll be ok).
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