How can you know if you conceived

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One way is if your monthly period has not showed up. [ Source: ]
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You cannot really tell until about two weeks later when you miss your period. Some women report experiencing some pregnancy signs such as tender breasts, nausea & bloating, but these symptoms are not a sure sign of pregnancy as they cou…
I’m answering this based on very limited info… but I think you would have been fertile May 14th-18th, which means sex during any of those days could possibly result in pregnancy. says May 13-19th for a 26 day cycle. This is…
Just count back 40 weeks from your due date, and Its will kind of pen point the time.;jsessionid=F5E26158E861724F6C8DA6F3BA7EE399.01-04?print=true&print=true

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If you missed your period that means the egg has already been implanted right?
Q: Eggs take 7-12 days to implant, but if you’re not sure when it was conceived (whether 2 or 1 week ago), and you already missed your period that means the egg is already implanted right?i took a pregnancy test it says im not pregnant. so…im thinking that im not pregnant…
A: If you missed your period, it can be because your ovaries haven’t released any eggs for whatever reason that month. It doesnt always mean your pregnant
ovulation mucus..How can you tell ovulation..ewcm? regular mucus? confused!!!?
Q: Ok…. Tmi I know… 4 days ago I had ewcm (I’ve been wearing a panty liner so i can monitor it), the next day it was gone but I had a very noticeable increased sex drive. The following day I had Ovulation pains around 7 am (yesterday). My temperature around 8am spiked, but only by .1 – .2 degrees.We tried to conceive that night, and the following morning… Did I miss my ovulation? I can’t tell.. everything is so confusing. I think I may have ovulated 4 days ago and my o pains possible come after ovulation…I’m hoping not.. I checked my cm the day of ttc and there was nothing on the liner but checking near my cervix it was translucent but when i rubbed it between too fingers it was kind of sticky..not like icky sticky but runny sticky..but the cm wasn’t heavy, it was pretty light.. HELP!!! Want to make sure we BD closely enough..Just had a miscarriage on the 22nd (got the okay from dr to try again though)I know I have a 31 day cycle so its cutting it pretty close
A: Well, the most fertile time is usually 1-3 days before and including the day of ovulation so that the sperm have adequate time to reach the egg.The sperm will stay in the cervical crypts and “hang out” and then go to find the egg.CM that is runny is probably “wet” and not EWCM, wet CM is fertile too.EWCM is stretchy as heck! So, if you grab a little from the cervix with two fingers, and gently pull down and then try to stretch it between your fingers it is EWCM if it stretches for a couple inches to several inches!Otherwise it may be Dry, Creamy/lotiony (check by rubbing it between your fingers), wet, or ewcm.(in order of least to most fertile)GLTTC!
Is it true that you can control your baby’s gender by conceiving in a diff. sex position?
Q: I heard somewhere that you can try certain sex positions to influence your baby’s gender? like certain positions will help the sperm to travels faster?? Is this TRUE??If so: what are the positions for which gender???
A: i have not heard that but if you want a girl you need to bd 2 or 3 days before you ovulate. Female sperm are slower, but last longer than male sperm. Male sperm are faster swimmers, but die sooner. So if you want a boy do it on the day you ovulate.
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