How do i tell my mom im going to be a mom

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Decide when and where to tell them if you are going to tell them in person. Choose a time at which they aren’t busy doing MORE? [ Source: ]
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How should i tell my mom im going to the dance?
I totally agree with the first answer honesty is always the best policy ,say you would like to go to the dance naming what friends you would go with .You must look at this from a parents perpective.It is only natural they will want to know …
Should i tell my mom im going on birth control?
I had the EXACT same thing happen, to the T. I was 18, now 19, mom found out I had sex and completely wigged out. She was the one who said I need to go get on birth control and get to the gynecologist but nothing ever happened. She kind of …
How do i tell my mom that im going to have sex?
i have a 15 year old daughter and I hope to god she isn’t asking this question. Okay anyway FIRST OF ALL ask your mother if it is okay to be sexually active. You and your mom need to have a talk I would have to say I am the most easiest to …

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How do i tell my mom im not going to be in state for christmas?
Q: My mom is an alcoholic,divorced,very controlling person, which makes me freaked because when i tell her that im going to my dads for christmas, she is gonig to either freak. Ihavent been with my dad in the past 2 christmas’. When do you think i should tell her, before or after I leave to go to my dads?
A: ooooh crap that sucks, doesn’t matter if your grown up you can make your own decisions. And if your still under 18yrs then tell her after you leave.
How do i tell mom im pregnant?
Q: I have the biggest feeling i am. .Im going to test Saturday when af is & mom are super close.shes like my bestfriend but i know i will break her heart if i tell trying to gather my thoughts before so i wont have a panik attack if i see the BFP !i want to find ways to tell her. .any teen moms who told there moms? what did you do? rude comments please.Im also 16 years old.
A: If you are pregnant there’s no easy way to tell her your just going to have to tell her you won’t be able to keep it from her forever. If you guys are realy close trust me she might a be upset for a little bit but your her daughter and you’ll be having her grandchild she will suport you 100% of the way
Is there a good reason to tell my mom im ready to start having sex?
Q: I have already had sex but my mom doesn’t know and i want birth control but asking her to get it for me is going to come along with alot of questions from her, including why i want to have sex.
A: 3 generations ago people would be married with their own house and family around age 16. Just because the age to get married has changed doesn’t mean the desires, responsibility level and maturity has. She needs to know so she can help you get on birth control and offer you support if things go badly in your relationship. Any parent with a brain knows having their daughter come to them and get on birth control is much better then having them sneak around to have sex.
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