How do you get a women pregnant

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A woman becomes pregnant when a sperm cell from a man joins with her egg cell. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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How do you get a woman pregnat?
Whoever replied with that answer must really be a retard. A woman can also get pregnant by insemination through, not just through having sex.
How do women get pregnant?
how to get a women pergnant the man and the woman have sex and do it until the girl feels weird and gets sick the penis goes into the vagina during intercorse and the penis ejactulates in the vagina relesing sperm and attaching to the uteru…
Should pregnant women get flu shots?
While my family gathered around the dinner table for our Thanksgiving meal, I was quickly reminded it was cold and flu season by all the coughing, sniffling and sneezing going on around me.  Luckily everybody seemed to be in various stages …

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Why is it legal for pregnant women to do pornography?
Q: Shouldn’t that be a form of child abuse seeing as how the baby can get really hurt when their having sex? Couldn’t the child get brain damage or something? I don’t get how those women could do that to their children but that’s not the point right now. What I don’t understand is how is this legal and okay to do?
A: I’m with you. it should be illegal in this country, but there is no “right to live” law for unborn children. So, there is nothing we can do.
How come pregnant women are getting the H1N1 vaccine first?? Doesn’t anyone care about giving men vaccine?
Q: I read pregnant women are getting the vaccine first. I read that people under 30 die from this, and they didn’t say pregnant women are dying more then men. Aren’t men just important as pregnant women?? I thought we were all equal.
A: hey, if h1n1 09 doesnt kill them, then the h1n1 10 wont be long now, and the virus will advice , is to just hide in a closet somewhere till the end of time. on a serious note, its because pregnant women constitute 2 seperate living organisms, where one is actually reliant on the other.
How do you get more of the food you eat when pregnant to your baby instead of so much to you.?
Q: Why is it that some women can stay thin while pregnant and have big plump babies and some woman can get really fat when pregnant but still have a small baby, I would like to know if there are any certain foods, or exercises or something to get more of the food and nutrition (and fat)you ingest to your baby instead of so much to your body.
A: I herd that the umblicord blocks out anything bad from going to your baby ([junk food]) and that it only lets healthy things in ([healthy food]) my sister ate fast food everyday because her works schedule was so hetic, and her doctor told her she was starveing her baby, and she said she ate every day, and her doctor told her that the baby will not gain anything from fast food, or prossed foods.havent you noticed thin women eat healthy and they come out with 9lb babys?havent you noticed that heavyer set women dont eat healthy and they come out with 6lb babys?
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