How do you take an ovulation test

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An ovulation test is best used at the same time each day and in the evening. Just pee on the stick! Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How to Take an Ovulation Test
Ovulation test allows predicting the most fertile time of the month. As ovulation occurs once in a month, predicting ovulation accurately is very helpful to get pregnancy and as well to prevent it. Ovulation Test is specifically designed to…
When to take a ovulation test?
Ovulation tests should not be taken with FMU so take them later on during the day. I think they recommend 2pm and 8pm. Buut keep to the same time everytime. MUCH cheaper to buy them in bulk online. the ones from the pharmacy come in packs o…
Can you take the ovulation test right after intercourse??
Yes, you can take an ovulation test at any time during the day. Having just had intercourse should not effect the results of your OPK.

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What happens when you take an ovulation test, and are pregnant?
Q: Not trying to take an ovulation test instead of a pregnancy test, just wondering if it would show a false positive that you are ovulating or not? Sticks say i’ve been ovulating longer than i should have been.
A: I’ve read that they come out positive if your pregnant.
When is the best time to take an ovulation test?
Q: I know the best time to take the HPT is in the morning, but what about an ovulation test? Morning, afternoon, any time?I hope I have as much luck this month as everyone else seems to be having 🙂 Congrats and thanks for your help.
A: Ovulation Tests need to be done at around the same time every day – between 10am and 8pm, i do mine at about 2pm every day. Have sex in the 3 days when you start ovulating and during ovulation and up to 3 days afterwards (great if you enjoy sex!!!) Lots of people believe that if you have sex just before you ovulate the slower female sperm reach and fertilize the egg – as all the faster male sperm die before the egg gets there, meaning that you are more likely to fall pregnant with a boy when you have sex after you ovulate, as they will reach the egg faster than the slower female sperm! I tried this twice and have two amazing boys who are the best of mates…. now need to practice my preachings again for a little sister for them both!!
What if you are getting all the signs of ovulation but when you take an ovulation test it comes back negative?
Q: I have the egg white discharge, i have been tracking my basal temperature and my period was about 2 weeks ago. I took an ovulation test last night but it was negative. Could the test be wrong?
A: Yes it could be wrong because of your basal temp,but then it could right because I just found out from my ob/gyn that changes in you discharge doesn’t always mean your ovulating try taking another one and if you get them same results you should make an appointment with your doctor to find out whats going on.Good Luck!
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