How late can your period be and still be normal

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There are several things that can affect your period, such as stress and diet changes. If you are concerned see your doctor. [ Source: ]
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How late can you be with your period? and have it still be normal…?
There is no such thing a a normal period. everyones normal is different. If you get it every month it’s normal. I get mine 4 times a year and that’s normal. Whenever you get it, it’s going to be normal.
Is it possible to have a late period that is lighter than normal …?
Yes, it could be implantation bleeding. You will need to take a HPT to know for sure.

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Is a late period normal if i just got off birth control a couple months ago?
Q: I had my period 4 days after i got off the pill, now it has been about six weeks. Is this normal?
A: Your body has to “reset” itself after you stop BC. So missed periods may happen or the may even get heavier than normal.If you are worried get a pregnancy test.
is it normal for your period to be late the next month after you lost your virginty?
Q: ok so i lost my virginity last month an i had my period 3 days later but i the next month my period is late is that normal? is your period supposed to be messed up after you lose your virginty?
A: Ever considered the fact that you might be pregnant?
Is it normal to have skipped/late period even though you have had your period for 4 years?
Q: So my cycle has always been normal and I am 17 now (I had my first when I was 13). Now, it feels like I am late this month or have skipped a month–is that normal even though it seems that I have become regular? I am virgin by the way and do not have an eating disorder or work out excessively if that helps at all. Thanks.
A: at ur age, this is especially normal as ur body is still going thru lots of changes on the inside.
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