How long do I have to wait to take the pregnancy test

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There are some tests that you can take two weeks after your missed period. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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If you use an E.P.T. test it can tell sooner, like just two days after your missed period.
It really is a good idea to wait a week after your last period to make sure you wont start your period, although some women due spot and still be pregnant. Remember pregnancy tests are not 100%. If you want a blood test you can get it after…
Monday is definitely too soon to test. If you are pregnant it would most likely show up as a false negative and you would have to test again when your normal period is due. You can definitely test the day your period is due. Some tests can …

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How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?
Q: I had protected sex about two and a half weeks ago. My period generally happens sometime between the 24th of a month and the 3rd of the following month, and so far my period for november/december hasn’t started. I was just wondering if it’s too early to take a pregnancy test? If I were pregnant would it test positive or should I wait a little longer to test?
A: Right before your period is supposed to start, or after your period has been late for three days.
How long to wait to take a pregnancy test.?
Q: My period is very irregular, it usually only occurs every other month. I am wondering, how long after possible conception should I wait to take a home pregnancy test?
A: Tests show up postive up to a wk before missed period. If you are irregular you may take one now and if its negative wait a week or so and take another one.
How long do I wait to take the pregnancy test?
Q: My husband and I decided to start trying for children just recently, our first try was last wednesday 8/27 , how long do I wait to test?
A: I got my positive result at 10 days post ovulation so I knew about 4 days before my missed period that I was pregnant. It’s different for everyone but if you’re a “serial tester” like me, you can begin testing at 10 days after you ovulate.
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