How many weeks is a term baby

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40 Weeks is considered full term. Thanks for using ChaCha. Have a great evening. [ Source: ]
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What week is a baby term prematured after birth.?
Full term is considered between 38 to 42 weeks. If your baby is born at 37 weeks then it’s a premature baby, but you’re only off by a week or two, which means that it’s a not like the other premature babies, but they might not take any chan…
Can ‘full term’ babies born before 40 weeks find it harder to bre…?
The fact that premature, or preterm, babies can experience difficulties breastfeeding is well documented. Neurological immaturity, poor muscle tone and underdeveloped reflexes can all affect the ability to perform suckling movements, so bab…
How can I make my baby come faster. I am considered term now at 3…?
No, bad mommy, lol. Just kidding. I know you want to be done, but the baby will come when ready. That really is all there is to it. You don’t want to do anything to risk the health of this baby you have been carrying for so long. I had cont…
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