How old was the woman impregnated by the oldest man to impregnate a woman

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96 years old! wow! Cha cha on! [ Source: ]
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What is the possibility of a 49 year old woman being impregnated …?
It can happen, a lot of women get pregnant in their 40’s, just takes 1 sperm.
Can a 80 year old mans sperm impregnate a woman 2 years after?
Radiation treatment to the prostate is a RISK factor for male infertility, however it is NOT a certainty. There are indeed a number of cases where men have fathered children after radiation therapy for prostate cancer. http://www.ncbi.nlm.n…

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can 100 year old men impregnate woman?
A: i hope not
Impregnating as many woman as i can?
Q: My friend told me the duty of man is to impregnate as many woman as he can in his lifetime. The duty of woman is give birth to as many babies as she can.My friend is 24 years old and he has impregnated so far 21 woman in US and Europe.Is that true? My friend is not at all mentally sick but he is follwing nature rule where man gets attracted to woman and impregnate her.
A: In raw stripped down science, yes. In any species, the more you mate the more likely you are to pass on your genetics. But, humans are far too complex to live by the rules of nature alone.There is so much to take into account when you consider psychology, sociology, philosophy, theology, and even just simple economics for this to make sense or even begin. To look at it from another complete raw and stripped down point of view, the planet is far over populated as it is and we actually need less. Reducing over population would reduce polution, deforestation, and the food shortage.Seriously though, the development of a well balanced person is a very delicate process. I’m not saying single parents cannot raise a balanced and wholesome child, but it is a daunting and difficult task. Not to mention expensive. Accidents may happen, but it’s completely irresponisble to simply knock up ladies because you think it’s your job to keep up the population count.Personally it just sounds like he’s a masogonistic sex fiend that is twisting “natural rule” to fit his own needs. When there are so many children in orphanages, in the care of the state, or just plain homeless, there is just no need to be the father of 21 children by 21 different women, and probably not offering support. That’s just despicable. Please don’t take your friend’s advice, be responsible. It’s just wrong
What is the use of impregnating a woman?
Q: I am a young educated man. My parents are getting old, so they have their own medical needs.It will take me few years to rise in career and settle well. Traffic is horrible, globally oil and food prices are increasing and al queda continues to threat western world.I dont understand what is the use of impregnating a woman and bring one more fresh baby in this weird world?Except sexual pleasure ( not wearing condom and having maximum pleasure), i dont find any use of baby. New Baby will eat substantial portion of my income !
A: Keep that income for yourself and don’t pass on your genes!
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