How old was the youngest person that got pregnant

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A five year old Peruvian girl her name was Lina Medina, a girl from the Andean village of Ticrapo. Lina’s parents MORE? ChaCha!! [ Source: ]
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How old was the yongest person to get pregnant??
The youngest person ive ever heard of being pregnant was a 9 year old on t.v. and she had the baby at age 10 .. she lived

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How old is the youngest girl pregnant?
Q: how old is the youngest person ever pregnant? and what is the youngest age a girl can get pregnant?
A: Age 5. Theres a link to her picture with the doctor that delievered the baby and the baby himself. She was from Peru and had a condition that caused her to develop completely by the time she was 4 years old. She began menstruating at 8 months old. Someone obviously raped the poor little girl.
How old is the youngest person you know to get pregnant?
Q: I need this for a study at school. Thanks
A: The youngest person to get pregnant was 5 years old. Very true story. I did not know her personally. The youngest one I’ve known personally was … I’m not sure maybe 16 or so. You can look up the 5 year old on Just type in youngest person to get pregnant. That should bring up the result.
How old is or was the youngest person to get pregnant?
A: A 5 year old Peruvian girl.
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