How to make your period last shorter

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Many birth control pills can make your period lighter and shorter, but you will need a prescription from your Dr. [ Source: ]
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How can i make my period last shorter naturally?
You can’t. Birth control pills may shorten your periods, but there is no way to shorten them naturally.
Is there a way you can make your period last shorter?
I was told birth control pills can help make them shorter. Of course the shot makes you only get it a few times a year, but that makes you gain a ton of weight.
How can i make my period lighter and last for a shorter time??
Birth control. My periods were long and I use to get really bad cramps. I’ve been on birth control for about 8 years now and haven’t had a problem. (well until recently because i switched kinds. My body still has to get use to the new one) …

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how to make your period stop quicker?
Q: has anyone got any idea how to make your period last shorter than usual? something is coming up and i want to make sure it stops before the weekend. please help!!!
A: the pill might do it… other then that no
How can I make my period shorter?
Q: If this is even possible. How can you make your period last only about 1 or 2 days instead of the usual week?(I don’t want to take any pills or anything)Thanks!Aww man. This stinks. I thought it was over yesturday, but it wasn’t. I hate having it at school, you know?
A: Hey, trust me ive googled this question and asked it on here too!There isnt a way, the amount of blood in your uterus is the amount that has to come out!I wish there was a way!:(
does walking on your period make you bleed more?
Q: i came on today. i was due on around the 9th and i didnt get any signs i was coming on! i walked about a mile this morning and i have never been so uncomfortable! i could feel myself bleeding and was sure the pad would be soaked( i dont want to try tampons). but it wasnt that soaked. i have to walk 3 miles and more because of school tomorow. how will i manage? and if i bleed alot today and tomorow, will my period last a shorter amount of time?
A: Being in an upright position means that gravity will impact the flow and descent of your period. It will increase the sensation of it’s flow for you because of a slightly higher velocity. This gives the impression you’re bleeding more than you actually are. You will bleed exactly the same amount as you usually do (it’s a set amount anyway) and it will take the same amount of days- but may end a few hours earlier than otherwise, so nothing drastic. As for the walking 3 miles, that would take about an hour, unless you have extremely heavy periods your pad will last at least that long. If you’re worried make sure you use a thick pad appropriate for your flow.
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