How young can a woman be to go through menopause

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15! Thousands of women from 15 to 44 experience premature early menopause every year. [ Source: ]
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What is the youngest a woman can go through menopause?
This usually takes place between 44-51. However due to the increased levels of chemicals added to foods and hormones pumped into chickens and beef to plump them up and create large quantities of milk, woman do get menopause a little early, …

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What is the youngest age a woman can go through menopause?
Q: I’m only 25 but I’ve been having symptoms of menopause, is this even possible? I’ve had problems with my period ever since I got it, so I wouldn’t be surpised! Thanks.I won’t be able to go to a doctor for about 2 weeks, we’re in the middle of moving and pretty much all of our time is used up packing and working. I’m kinda embarrassed to even ask a Doc about it. It seems kinda ridiculous. I’ll give you some history real quick.I’ve always missed periods, from 6 weeks in between to 4 months (been since Sept this time). Bad cramps all the time. Went on the pill for about 7 years on and off to control it. Didn’t have insurance for the last 2 years and went off it. In the last year, had major issues, longer gaps and longer lasting (3 weeks one time), had hair grow on my face and breasts (never did before) and had a higher temp then normal.I guess it is pretty dumb that I’m embarassed to ask my doc, I had a bad experinace when I asked one about something I thought I had. I was mocked and laughed at. I stopped going to see him.
A: Here’s a link on Premature Ovarian Failure aka Premature Menopause: more likely have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.Here’s a link for that:’t be affraid to talk to your gynecologist about this. You’ve got something going on hormonally. It needs checked out.If you had symptoms for diabetes would you feel silly for seeing a doctor? Well, this is the same type of thing. Your body isn’t giving you what it needs.
Does anyone know of a good support group for young women going through surgical menopause?
Q: I am 29 and underwent a complete hysterectomy last december i have no ovaries or anything left. I am truly suffering with extreme severe hot flashes constantly and sweating alot as well. I would like to talk to others like myself who are young and experiencing severe menopause symptoms caused by surgical menopause.I live in a very small town. We have no groups like that here. I was wanting to meet other women online to discuss this problem. People who are going through this as well.
A: I can relate to your situation. I had a complete hysterectomy also when I was 27 and also live in a small town.There is just no support groups out there for young women like us! I can give you some advice on certain things.First of all you need some Hormone Replacement Treatment for those Hot Flashes and Mood Swings,Second you need to give yourself time to heel,it takes usually around a year for your body to get back to normal,so don’t rush things.One more thing (Always Remember…Your Still Are and Always will be A Complete Woman) Please feel free to contact me anytime!! I do know what you are going through.
what is the youngest a woman can go through menopause?
Q: i’m a little curious i’m getting older and just wondered
A: Of course there are special exceptions to every rule, but the average age for menopause is 51. This can vary greatly from woman to woman.
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